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For small groups, glass instruments are available for experimentation along with singing bowls, tuned water bowls, bird calls and more.  


For a library family series, after-school group or for patrons at a gallery or museum, glass music makes a unique and captivating treat. Performances can include demonstration and narrative, or provide pure musical ambiance.


Educational performances combine lots of music, scientific demonstration, stories of the origins of glass and water-tuned instruments, and a question/answer and musical request segment.

Glass Harp  
for Fairs & Festivals
A Spellbinding Art Form! 
Arts in Education!
Audience Participation!


     Brien Provides:

             Half-hour Glass Harp shows, also featuring musical saw, armonica, unique

           physics  demonstrations, audience participation and lively narrative.

           Your schedule (three to four/day is typical).

           Alternative format (ongoing music/demos, “street performance” style, etc)


     For stage shows, the fair/festival provides:

           At least 1000 watts, two speakers, two mics and one lavalier recommended.

           (Brien carries sound system, headset, mics, etc to fill in where needed)

      Performance Fees:

             $900.00 day rate, inclusive of all travel costs.

      Call or email:

      (404) 633-9322              glassharp@mindspring.com             

Mail: glassharp@mindspring.com?subject=Performance inquiry



PO Box 33, Pine Lake, GA 30072

Brien Engel – Glass Harp Music

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        About Brien and Glass Harp Music:

Among the very few professional glass harpists in the world, Brien Engel is one of the most musically accomplished. His glass harp is comprised of fifty drinking glasses which are coaxed to astonishing musical life by his fingers. Brien delights audiences everywhere with singular mastery of his instrument, an outstanding repertoire of music for all settings and warm stage presence.

Brien performs at corporate events, weddings, fairs and festivals, senior communities, libraries, k-12 schools, and college campuses all across the United States. He has also toured in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai.   Read the bio on the web site.

        About Glass Harp Performances:

An expert blend of sheer inspiration and educational lightning! In addition to the glass harp, Brien plays other musical instruments made from everyday materials and colorfully explores their origins. For science connections, he uses captivating object lessons to relate concepts of sound physics to our everyday lives. A small version of Ben Franklin’s invention (and first American musical instrument) the glass armonica is also featured Brien enjoys the challenge of audience requests!   

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“The Glass Harp is music, history, science and entertainment, all packaged into three shows a day.

I highly recommend it."

Jane Engdahl, Special Events Coordinator

Sonoma County Fair

“Our audiences were enthralled with his talent and the amazing music, as well as the education he offered throughout his performance.”


         Carlene F. Moore, Chief Executive Officer

Napa County Fair Association

“One of our board members always talks about the “magic” that happens at Love Affair. Your unique musical gift is precisely what I was looking for to create that magic. It’s exactly what Love Affair should always be about.”

Wayne Jones, Director

ABAC Arts Connection, Tifton GA

“Our audiences were enthralled… It is truly amazing the music you can make with your glasses.”

                                                  SDC, Branson, MO